About me


I have been an elected Independent Richmondshire District Councillor since 1983 having first represented Lower Swaledale before becoming a Councillor for Hipswell following the boundary reorganisation in 2003. 

I have served as Chairman on several committees during this time and was Chairman of the Council in 1997.

My present roles are Chairman of Internal Scrutiny and a member of the Audit & Governance, Licensing and Appeals Committees.

I am also

  • Regional Chairman of the LGA's Yorkshire and Humberside Independent Group;
  • Full member on the LGA's National Children and Young Person's Board which meets quarterly in Smith Square in Westminster.

I am now Chairman of the Governors of Wavell Community Junior School.



Hipswell Ward consists of the two parishes of St Martin’s and Hipswell. The smaller St Martin’s Parish is situated in the Swale Valley bordering the parishes of Richmond, Hipswell, Hudswell and Easby. The larger Hipswell Parish is made up of Hipswell Village, the now private housing estates of Leadmill and Pleasantdale in Hipswell West and the MOD properties and barracks in the Bourlon, Cambrai, Gaza and Richmondshire Lines areas. It also includes Risedale Sports and Community College, the Tesco shopping complex and the newly opened Garrison Pool and Library. It is a two seater ward and in population figures is the largest ward in the district.




For the Hipswell part of the Ward, I am available before the Parish Council meetings for consultation or alternatively by appointment.

As regards the St Martin’s area of the Ward, I hold a surgery by appointment from 6 pm before each of the the St Martin’s Parish Council Meetings which I afterwards attend and are held at the Rugby Club in Theakston Lane starting at 6.45pm.




I am Chairman of the Company Board of The George and Dragon, an award winning Community owned pub in Hudswell, a small village just outside Richmond, which provides pub facilities, a small library, a local shop and allotments for the community. It recently featured prominently in the television series 'The Dales'.


I arrange the George & Dragon Acoustic Folk Evenings on the second Sunday of each month and the Blues and Country Evenings on the first Monday.


I also organise Acoustic Music Charity Evenings that raise money for a range of local charities - I recently presented £787 to the Friends of The Beacon on the Garrison. Our present charities that will benefit from our fundraising are St Teresa's Hospice, Marie Curie and Macmillan Nurses.


If you wish to contact me please use any of the following:


Email: cllr.p.cullen@richmondshire.gov.uk    Telephone: 01748 824150    

Address: Flowery Dell Lodges, Hudswell Lane, Richmond, DL11 6BD


Out in the Ward

HIPSWELL VILLAGE delivering latest newsletter.  Shame about the damage to the village green due to vehicles parking when the ground is soft. March 2015



Richmondshire Rugby Club. Cllr Cullen had offered written support for the COF application which was successful in gaining substantial funds towards the draining of the playing area. Cllr Cullen also supported an application by the club to finance a course on safer practise within the game of rugby that was particularly aimed and younger participants. Feb 15

Award Ceremony at Foxgove Covert.

From left Ruth Farrow, Lord Zetland, Grace Morris, Cllr Paul Cullen and Col Mike Butterwick at the opening of the new Interactive Touch Screen. Cllr Cullen by his written support had been instrumental in the gaining of a substantial COF grant that together with other fundraising had enabled the screen to be bought. Dec 14


Community Bench Presentation

At the presentation of the Community Bench at Sleegill with County Councillor Helen Grant and Parish Councillors Wyn Delf and Sue Birdsall. Autumn 2014

White Rose Club still closed.

The much missed White Rose Club still remains closed despite considerable effort by Cllr Cullen and County Cllr Grant to re-open it and run it as a Community run not-for-profit organisation. March 2014